The Centre has defined a targeted research agenda where it has prioritised a series of topics comprised in what CEDEUS has called its five Urban Sustainability Challenges (USC). In addition, the Centre’s research programme is addressed by five interdisciplinary research projects which are framed within those urban challenges.


To integrate Andean bio-geophysical constraints and risks in policy-making and planning of resilient water-wise cities.



To achieve sustainable production and use of energy, water and waste in the building environment; toward the construction of more liveable and environmentally friendly cities.



To promote forms of analysis and governance that incorporate the integrated relationship between mobility and land use, which respond to the citizens’ needs for equitable access to opportunities.



To identify socio-economic dynamics and political factors that hinder urban equity in contemporary urban processes, at multiple scales.



To understand and address the conflicting needs of people moving across extended areas surrounding main transport corridors and the needs of those that live, work, study or visit there.