CEDEUS participará del UTokyo Forum 2013

UtokyoEl 7 y 8 de noviembre se realizará el UTokyo Forum 2013, con el tema “Global Emergence of Frontier Knowledge”, que ofrecerá seminarios y workshops en la Universidad Católica y Universidad de Chile. Uno de ellos será el workshop “What is sustainability? Perspectives from Chile and Japan”, donde participarán investigadores de la Universidad de Tokio, además de tres investigadores de CEDEUS: Jonathan Barton, Gonzalo Salazar y Jordan Harris.


Since the Brundtland Report (1987) and Rio Declaration (1992) widely diffused the concept of ‘sustainable development’, the concept of ‘sustainability’ is gathering more attention from academics all over the world. Top-ranked universities including Harvard,UC Berkely, UT, and UNU have set the course for sustainable development or sustainability science and are attracting students from all over the world. Of course, the philosophy or approach towards ‘sustainability’ will differ from each country, culture, religion, or organization.

Having this situation in mind, this session looks to share and exchange views on «sustainability» from perspectives of Japan and Chile to widen and deepen our understandings on ‘Sustainability’. Through the discussions between researchers from GPSS-GLI, UT (Japan) and U.Católica (Chile), we are aiming to develop mutual understanding and a structure for the cooperation for the future.


– Takashi Mino, University of Tokyo. «Sustainability and the value of gray».
– Jonathan Barton, CEDEUS – UC. «Absolute versus relative sustainability: Implications for city-region development».
– Keisuke Hanaki, University of Tokyo. «Challenge of sustainability in Japan».
– Gonzalo Salazar, CEDEUS – UC. «Steps to an ethics of sustainability praxis».
– Toshinori Tanaka, University of Tokyo. «Japans experience on nature conservation and sustainability».
– Jordan Harris, CEDEUS – UC. «Sustainability in the context of climate change».