The first objective is to create a transdisciplinary Centre which brings together research, knowledge and expertise around key issues linked to the development of sustainable cities in Chile; this includes UC-UDEC researchers but also collaboration with other national and international specialists in this field. The Centre will deepen existing disciplinary connections for understanding better the processes that shape these urban spaces. It will also highlight options for more sustainable outcomes through changes in values, policy and practice.

The second objective is to train researchers in this field, particularly at postdoctoral level but also by integrating doctoral, masters and undergraduate thesis students within the research lines, working alongside associate and principal researchers. Support for the next generation of urban, transdisciplinary researchers is regarded as essential given the lack of current researchers who work across disciplines and are focused on integrated research and practice.

The third objective is to create links with other experts and practitioners who can support and benefit from the research and assist in knowledge transfer processes. This involves interactions with stakeholders at local and regional levels, also engagement with communities, such as work with upper level school students and participatory activities with community organizations.

The fourth objective is the involvement in public policy processes in order to encourage evidence-based policy-making from design through to implementation and evaluation. Although this is principally at the national and regional levels in the design stages, the experience of policy implementation is at regional and local levels. This involvement includes participation in committees and commissions, the generation of reports and evaluations, and the promotion of new standards, regulations and related instruments.